Educational Grants

Through its Educational Grants, the goal of LLS is to identify unique individuals who demonstrate the characteristics of a servant leader and support them in achieving their goal of positively impacting humanity through education.

Live Love Serve (“LLS”) Education Grant recipients (“LLC Scholars”) will have exemplary character, demonstrated leadership and participation in meaningful projects that serve their community. To those with whom they interact, a LLS Scholar will instill a confidence that they will contribute to the improvement of humanity and their community through their service to others. They will also demonstrate that they conduct their everyday lives in such a way that aligns with the Mission Statement of the Live Love Serve Foundation  – To LIVE a life focused on LOVE, by SERVING our communities through support of religious and other charitable organizations that positively impact people.

To be eligible for a Live Love Serve Scholarship, a candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • The receipt of a LLS Educational Grant will enable the recipient to pursue an opportunity that, absent the grant, would require the LLS Scholar to incur debt.
  • The grant must be used for educational purposes that enhances the recipient’s ability or qualification to achieve, maintain or advance a career in a field that positively impacts the recipient’s community and lives therein.
  • The recipient must demonstrate that they are capable of successfully using the grant for the intended purpose as evidenced by prior academic grades, standardized test scores or other relevant evidence.
  • The character of the recipient will be admirable, honest, and caring.

Persons wishing to be considered for an educational grant must provide the following:






  • A written application, which is available on the LLS website (the “Application”). The Application will provide your personal information and will help link the other required submissions to your Application.
  • A written description of the educational opportunity, explaining how your participation will impact your ability to serve humanity and your community. It must also include the amount of educational grant requested, how the educational grant will be expended and the time at which funds are required (the “Education Summary”).
  • Your transcripts or report cards for the last two (2) academic years (your “Academic Records”).
  • A letter of recommendation from an independent third party, such as a teacher, work supervisor, coach or clergy attesting to your character, motivation and ability to make a positive impact in your sphere of influence (your “Reference Letter”).
  • A personal letter attesting to LLS that you would have to incur debt to participate in the educational opportunity for which you are requesting support without the receipt of an Education Grant ( the “Financial Support Attestation”)


Selection Process:

Submissions for Educational Grants will only be considered when an Applicant has submitted all of the required information previously described which includes the Application, Education Summary, Academic Records, Reference Letter and Financial Need Letter. We ask that all of the required information be submitted at the same time in order to avoid confusion on any submission. The LLS Board of Directors, or their designee, (the “Scholarship Committee”) will review and evaluate each application based on the Application Deadlines.

Application Deadlines:

In general, LLS will consider applications on an annual basis, although it reserves the flexibility to consider requests more frequently. Applications submitted by June 30th, will be accumulated and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Based on the Committee’s review, additional information may be required of the applicant and/or Members of the Committee may want to speak with the applicant.
The goal of the Committee is to award Educational Grants no later than July 15th and to communicate to each Applicant the status of their request no later than that time. 

Education Grant Awards:

While it is LLS’s desire to support worthy applicants in their quest of educational opportunities that meet our stated guidelines, there may be periods when LLS’s Board of Director’s have chosen to direct its resources to other charitable organizations, or when they have determined that the returns on the foundation’s assets are not sufficient to fund Educational Grants. During these years, LLS may not award Educational Grants.


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