Charitable Grants

Through its Charitable Grants, the goal of LLS is to further the purposes of the Foundation through its support of Charitable Organizations (organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) and Grants to Individuals during times of financial hardship.

Grants to Charitable Organizations

Those wishing to submit a request of support for a Charitable Organization will complete an Executive Summary detailing the mission of the Organization seeking a grant and how its mission aligns with that of LLS.
Please note that:

  • LLS only supports United States domiciled Charitable Organizations and may give a preference to those based or focused in the southeastern United States.
  • In order to provide a grant to a Charitable Organization, LLS must be able to procure documents supporting the Organization’s incorporation, tax exempt classification and other matters of record.
  • Selection Process: Submissions for Charitable Grants will only be considered when an Applicant has submitted all of the required information required which includes the Application, Executive Summary, W-9 and prior year Form 990. We ask that all of the required information be submitted at the same time in order to avoid confusion. LLS will review and evaluate each application based on the following Application Deadlines.

Application Deadlines:
In general, LLS will consider applications on calendar quarter basis, although it reserves the flexibility to consider requests more frequently. Applications submitted in the quarter, will be accumulated and reviewed by LLS and upon this review additional information may be required of the applicant. It is the goal of LLS to award Charitable Grants no later than the15th day following the end of each calendar quarter and LLS will communicate to each Applicant the status of their request at that time.

Application for a Grants to Charitable Organizations
If you wish to apply for a grant to a Charitable Organization, please click the button below:

Grants to Individuals

LLS will provide support for individuals during their time of need with respect to one or more basic necessities, including but not limited to food, water, clothing, shelter, furniture, transportation, health care, disability care, and basic physical, mental, and emotional well-being, due to emergency, disaster, trauma, other unexpected events, or circumstances of poverty. Individuals that LLS supports must be unable to address such needs by means of their own available resources while maintaining an adequate standard of living for themselves.

Requests for Grants to Individuals may be made by people other than those needing support but The Foundation shall confirm that each individual grant recipient meets the criteria described in this paragraph by performing a specific and objective needs assessment with respect to such individual prior to awarding a grant to such individual.

Application for a Grants to an Individual
In order for LLS to consider your request, please make sure that you note the necessities you wish to have funded, including their approximate amounts, and an attestation that you are unable to fund these necessities at this time.

If you wish to apply for a Grant to an Individual in need, please click the button below.