Dear Friends of the Live Love Serve Foundation,

Since our inception in 1993, CBI Workplace Solutions has been a business focused on serving our clients, Associates, and communities. I was taught from a young age to place service and faith at the center of my life, this helped me to embrace the principle of servant leadership as a guide to my life journey. We believe God created man and woman in his image and likeness and Jesus called us to Love God with all our mind heart and soul and love our neighbor as ourself. With this knowledge in mind it is clear we have a responsibility to love and serve others.

The "Live Love Serve Philosophy" has been part of CBI's DNA from the beginning. Live life to the fullest by being in the moment & enjoying the journey. Love all those who come into your life for God has placed them there for a reason. Serve others, we each have been gifted with unique talents, time and treasure, and it is our responsibility to make our world a better place.

I'm blessed to lead a company of amazing Associates who inspire me every day and who share a passion for serving our clients, Associates, and communities. The Live Love Serve Philosophy embodies everything we do at CBI Workplace Solutions and I am truly grateful for that. Our growth has allowed us to increase our support for our communities each year and has lead us to found the Live Love Serve Foundation a nonprofit corporation registered as a 501(C)(3).

The Live Love Serve Foundation is a natural extension of CBI Workplace Solutions. The purpose of the foundation is to support religious and other charitable organizations that can have an impact on communities and individuals therein. This includes without limitation, the issues of homelessness, education and literacy, children and families in need, and early intervention.

David Longo