Live Love Serve Foundation Board of Directors

The Live Love Serve Foundation is a family built foundation with the mission of living a God centered life focused on love.

David Longo, Founder/CEO of CBI Workplace Solutions, founded the Live Love Serve Foundation as a way to give back to the communities in which CBI Workplace Solutions operates, and his family helped him build the Foundation to what it is today.

See below for more about David, his wife Christine and his children Beth, Colleen and Tommy who make up the Live Love Serve Foundation's Board of Trustees:

David Longo is the founder of Live Love Serve Foundation in Charlotte, NC

David Longo | Founder

David Longo is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of CBI Workplace Solutions, as well as the Founder of the Live Love Serve Foundation. David moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1993 and purchased a small, struggling startup that he would rename CBI and grow into a renowned workplace solutions company serving a variety of clients, nationally and internationally, over the next 25 years. An acclaimed Knoll and DIRTT distribution partner, CBI now has locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida.

David built CBI based on a strong personal philosophy of servant leadership focused on "love of God, Country and love of all who we are blessed to know and serve." As CBI Workplace Solutions began to grow in its various markets, David wanted to find a way to give back to the communities that make his business so successful.

It was this commitment and devotion to community that inspired the Live Love Serve Foundation, a charity focused on supporting CBI Associates in their time of need; and organizations with missions focused on improving education, literacy, communities and the lives of people we are called to serve. In 2019, the Live Love Serve Foundation supported more than 50 local, charitable organizations within the CBI markets and contributed more than $1 million in grants to support individuals in need, faith based ministries, educational opportunities and more.

Outside of CBI and the Live Love Serve Foundation, David invests his time mentoring others who wish to grow personally and professionally. He also enjoys biking, running, spending time with his family, and especially playing Papa to his 2-year-old granddaughter Margaret

Christine Longo, Live Love Serve Foundation in Charlotte, NC

Christine (Chris) Longo

Christine Longo has been a driving force behind the Live Love Serve foundation since its inception and has executive oversight for its mission, strategy and implementation. Like her husband, Chris has a strong devotion to community that has shaped her character and her decisions over the years. This devotion is a large reason why she and David decided to create the Live Love Serve Foundation.

Originally, from Irvington, New Jersey, Chris has a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Rutgers University and a Masters of Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. Before moving to Charlotte, Chris worked as a medical social worker at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.

In Charlotte, Chris has played a key role in supporting the success of CBI Workplace Solutions while raising her three children. Chris and Dave have always had an equal partnership since the day they met in their early 20's and if it weren't for Chris's love, guidance and encouragement, CBI Workplace Solutions would not be the success it is today.

Chris and David have been active members of the Catholic Dioceses of Charlotte for more than 27 years, and have supported various other organizations during their time in Charlotte. When not working within in the Live Love Serve Foundation, Chris enjoys reading, serving the elderly through service to local nursing homes, traveling to see her three children and having adventures with her 2-year-old granddaughter Margaret.

Beth Longo Restituto, Live Love Serve Foundation in Charlotte, NC

Beth Longo Restituto

Beth Longo Restituto is David and Chris's oldest daughter and just recently moved back to Charlotte from New Orleans, Louisiana. Beth graduated from Johnson and Whales University in 2010 where she studied Baking / Pastry Arts and Food Service Management. After graduating, Beth moved to New Orleans to immerse herself in their famous food scene and culture.

While living in New Orleans, Beth met her husband Nick Restituto, a healthcare compliance attorney and fellow foodie. Beth and Nick were very involved in their New Orleans community for the ten years that they lived there and spent a lot of their time volunteering, making connections with neighbors and providing support to individuals that needed it.

Beth and Nick are very excited to continue their community engagement in their new town of Charlotte and are thrilled to be a part of the Live Love Serve Foundation. Beth and Nick have a 2-year-old daughter named Margaret and look forward to watching her grow up in the Charlotte community the same way Beth did.

Colleen Longo

Colleen Longo is David and Chris's middle child, and she currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Colleen graduated from Appalachian State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Since graduating, Colleen has traveled the world lending her time to various non-profit organizations.

Colleen has a passion for all animals, and her desire to learn about and care for all of God's living creatures has inspired her travel and contributions. In 2016, Colleen spent two weeks volunteering at Elephant's World, an Environmental Conservation Organization caring for domestic elephants in Thailand. During her time there, she cared for an elephant and its calf while also having responsibility for many of the daily chores on the conservation.

Colleen has also spent a significant amount of her time traveling and volunteering with the World Vets Organization whose mission is to provide veterinary care for animals that would otherwise have none. Colleen completed mission trips to Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and Nepal where she assisted with spay and neuter clinics in underprivileged areas.

In her free time, Colleen enjoys practicing yoga, kayaking and developing her music collection. She is also currently pursuing an education in Reiki and hopes to become certified within the next few years.

Tommy Longo, Live Love Serve Foundation in Charlotte, NC

Tommy Longo

Tommy Longo is David and Chris’s youngest child and only son. Tommy graduated from Appalachian State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural and Building Sciences Technology. Tommy follows in his father’s footsteps with a mind for design and project management and as a student he held various positions within the architecture and design industry at companies like CBI Workplace Solutions, DIRTT and Perkins + Will.

Tommy is a talented rugby player and played for the ASU Men’s Rugby Team throughout his four years at Appalachian, and he has a passion for the outdoors and rustic living. After graduation, Tommy moved to Bend Oregon to pursue a career as a Ski Instructor on Mt. Bachelor. In his current role, Tommy is responsible for crafting and teaching educational ski programs for adults and children who visit Mt. Bachelor.

In his free time, Tommy enjoys hiking with his Rottweiler Sam, whitewater rafting, mountain biking and spending as much time as he can outdoors.